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Thread: New user !!

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    New user !!

    Hi there !!

    Me and and good friend of mine has ordered 1600 ml Deca each.
    I have seen alot of cykles on the net and so, i was wondering which cykle how works best ?

    I've seen some take 200ml each week for 8 weeks.
    Some who takes 400 in the middle of the cykle.

    I would really like your opinion on this.
    I'm sorry the bad English, i'm from sweden

    Thanks in advance.



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    I wouldn't take only deca . Add something to it. If you want mass add a test, if you want quality and hardness, add something like winstrol . But as far as dosage for deca, go with 400 mg all the way through. good luck

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    yea, im fairly new to this board and to sterioids as well, but decca alone isnt ususally taken i dont think, if im wrong im sure someoen will correct me but im getting on a test 200 @400 mg a week and noradin 200 @ 400 mg a week

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    Yea that sounds about right. When C says norandrin 200 thats deca . You could even add sust 250mg and remember to use clomid for post cycle it'll help keep some gains. What are your stats? Post them and you'll get a good cycle but remember to do your homework on what your looking for!

    Fast R

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    I've heard of Deca only cycles, but you won't find many people with any experience on them. Deca d-bol may be a nice mix...

    1600mgs of deca isn't enough no matter what.

    What are your goals (Stregth/mass/fat loss), how much do you weigh, how tall are you, what kind of experience do you have with weight-lifting, have you ever used steroids before?

    Do you play hockey?

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