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Thread: Cycle help

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    Cycle help

    I just recieved my gear and wanted to clarify a few things before starting. I will be doing 400mg of deca for 8 weeks, and 250 mg of sus for the first 5 weeks. I wasn't able to get nolvadex because of the whole border trouble. Is there anything else that can be used instead of nolvadex?? Do you think I will even need the nolvadex on this cycle because of it's small size?? I also had trouble with the clomid, but I think \i can get that before my cycle is done. I also got a little confused with the deca. I was expecting to get a 200 mg concentration, but instead i think i got a 300mg concentration. It has a picture of a dog on the box and on the container, and the writting is all mexican but it has 300 written on it. Is this good deca?? And how many cc should i use to get 400 mg per week, and on what days shoul I inject?? And with only taking 250mg of sus a week should I inject this on the same day as deca or a different day. I only want to inject in glute aswell.


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    it sounds like you have Ttokkyo Labs deca which is as you said 300mgs/ml so you need to inject 1.33cc's

    Do not start without the nolvadex .

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