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    Need some help....

    I just started a cycle of deca 400/week and test E 500/week, after being off of the same cycle for 10 weeks. I didnt use any post therapy, cause i've never had problems before. Im in my second week of this cycle, and my nipples are a little puffy. Ive done "gear" in the past, mostly the same thing im doing now, but have never done two cycles this close together. Im going to get some Proviron and Nolvadex . I already have Clomid for my post cycle this time.
    1st question: Will this help reduce the symptoms.
    2nd question: What dosages do I take and for how long on each

    Thanks Guys....

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    start taking 40 mgs nolva today. tomorrow take 20 mgs ed. after a week i'd drop it to 10 mgs and see if the symptoms stay under control. keep the nolva at 10 mgs or 20 mgs ed for the rest of your cycle and throughout pct, whichever dose works.

    after you get the proviron , run it at 50 mgs ed. that should reduce your risk of estrogenic sides down to nothing.

    the ideal dose, for me at least, is 10 mgs nolva ed with 50 mgs proviron ed.

    good luck sorting your situation out bro.

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    Clomid is an anti E

    Yes clomid will help but make sure you have enough for PCT, if not restock. I'd start at 50mg a day and up to 100 if the nips stay sore. You can but Tribulus Terrestis at a health food store, it will also help.

    Good luck.

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