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    Will drinking beer altar my gains if I go out once in awhile and show my big gunz off? Just wondering on that one. I know it's really not good for your liver but just wondering if it will altar my gains?

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    Mike Guest
    it doesnt have an interation specifically with gear - if that is your question then NO - but thereis some interaction with bodybuilding - but if this answers it, alcohol has the same positive and negative effects on cycle as it does off cycle when it comes to training

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    I have a few articles that show how alcohol can hinder muscle gains. Bro if you are going to do a cycle, I'm sure you can go those 8-10 weeks w/ out alcohol. If you can't then don't bother w/ a cycle, make the best of it, it can be a great thing. Off cycle is a different story. Others may disagree, you probably wouldn't notice any of your gains altered though.


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    OK I think Mike and Kull answered your ? but Alcohol does effect protein Sythensis and that is worth noting especially when your trying to repair and build muscle


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    Excess Alcohol impairs protein synthesis, and slows healing. It will also hamper some of your CNS adaptations(strength) due to excessive GABA enhancement. A few drinks wont kill ya but binge drinkin will hurt u more!

    also, just a side point. NSAID's also inhibit protein synthesis so go easy on it while on cycle

    Just a question... is this the oldest Bump if a pointless thread? :P

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    You are already taxing your liver with AAS. Why stress it out even more. A beer here and there I do not think is a problem, but over doing it like anything might cause issues.

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    I read an article once in some fitness magazine that said brew in moderation is actually good for gains...However, I forgot the reasoning and the exact magazine it was...Next to I go to physical therapy I'll try and find it in the office, but for now, I found this.

    Moderation is key.
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    lol, thread is 10 years old. Good info still.

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