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    Colustrum with cycle

    Would it be ok to take colustrum with my cycle (500mg/week ethante)?

    ive taken colustrum before but not sure if i should lay off it while im juicing. any ideas?

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    If you get it real cheap, go for it, but it's not all it's cracked up to be.....the main beneficial constituents are readily available these days in a much more concentrated, predictable, and more efficiently-deliverable form (IGF-1 LR3 being the main one). The antibodies present really do little for us at all. There may be some mystical mojo that we've yet to elucidate its exact benefits, but all in all, it's not cost-efficient IMO.

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    Are you saying that there is IGF-1 in breast milk einstein??? Ive been drinking it everyday since I read that post about it and It would be cool if there was some peptides in it. Do you know of anything else that is benaficial Einstein?? Also do you think its better getting it fresh like I get it?? ( straight from the Tit) HEHEHE

    Also how much to make it benificial???

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