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    Question little help

    I am new to the concept of "gear". I have been training seriously for the past 10 years. Though I have made a lot of gains I have reached a platue. I can't seem to get past this and I need some help. I have taken every supplement known to man and nothing really works. I do take a good whey everyday. I have been studying about "gear" for some time now and i'm thinking seariously about taking it

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    Hey bud - its good to see you have done lots of research but please research the rules of the board before posting stuff like that - I deleted the last part of your post because you're gonna get scammers emailing you - do yourself a favor - dont respond to ANY unsolicited supplier emails - first is first - before supplier what kinda cycle are you looking at? Make sure its a good one before buying gear - in all honesty it probably isnt. If you want some help I would be happy to help you - as for source info - email/PM someone on the board you trust - if you dont trust anyone here email or PM a mod

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    Hey bro what are your stat's and goals? We can help you plan out a safe cycle. Feel free to pm me anytime.


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    Hmmm, someone uses this same username on Elite...

    Things that make you go hhhmmmm.

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