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    primo depot

    i don't think it does but to play it safe i am asking. is primobolan depot known to cause gyno or any other negative effects. 200mgs./week 10 weeks total. thanks a lot.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    No it will not cause gyno or water retention or female pattern fat distribution or any other estrogen related side effects and despite what most people are going to tell you 200mgs is enough for a first cycle. Personally I would add some dianabol tablets in there at 20mgs for the first 4 weeks or increase the dose to 300. But as far as the 200 wont do shit brigade, I know for a fact it will

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    Iron, I agree. My first cycle was Primo only at 200mgs for 12 weeks. I did well about 8lbs or so of good "quality" muscle. I worked my ass off at the gym though, but hell I was gonna do that anyway!


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    those dudes are right but i took 200 for like 3 weeks and did not see to many gains in the gym so i went to 400 and really took off. it was better for me i think to take 400 since i was not taking anything else with it, just on a good diet. no side's so dont worry about that shit. the only side is quality gains in muscle. i guess i am saying try the 200 and if that is not enough for u take more and shorten the cycle. good luck dog.

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