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    See what you guys can put together...

    Okay guys, I have a challange for you. I need a kick ass bulking cycle. Here is the tricky part. I can't have anything that has a detection time of more than 3 months! I'm 6'2", 255 at 15-16%bf. Really like to put on mass without any fat weight. Goal is 265 at like 14%bf. Here is what I had, but the equipose wont make the time limitation.

    week 1-4 dianabol 40mg ed
    week 1-10 enanthate 500mg
    week 1-10 equipose 400mg
    week 9-13 winstrol 50mg ed

    week 1-15 glutamine 20mg ed
    week 1-4 milk thistle 1500mg ed
    week 1-4 ALA 800mg ed
    week 1-13 saw palmetto 320mg ed
    week 1-13 proscar 1.25mg ed (1/4 tab)
    week 9-13 milk thistle
    use nizoral 2% throughout and a multivitamin everyday

    week 13-15 Clomid (start 3 days after winstrol finished)

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    ok try this
    wk 1-5 test prop 100 mg ed
    wk 1-5 tren 75 mg ed
    wk 1-5 winny 50 mg ed
    what is your cycle history?
    this is short / sweet bulk cycle

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    week 1-10 celltech
    week 1-10 elarge2
    week 1-10 2 gallons of water
    week 1-10 3 potatoes ed
    week 5-10 sex ed

    just kidding

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