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    25mg d-bol , should I get it, is it real?

    Waz up!
    I'm thinking of going on my 3rd cycle of d-bol and sustenon 250.
    The question is, d-bol 25 mg is it real, is it good or under dosed?
    I belive it's mexican, but I think it's for like animals or something.
    One of my friends told me about the animal thing.
    My cycle 6 weeks of d-bol rest Sus250 or some kind of test.
    1 week- .5 of 1 pill = 12mg
    2 week- 1 pill = 25mg
    3 week- 1.5 1 pill & half = 37mg
    4 week- 2 pills = 50mg
    5 week- 2 pills = 50mg
    6 week- 1 pill = 25mg + sustenon 500mg
    7 week- 500mg
    9 week- 500mg
    10week-500mg + clomid
    11week- 1/day clomid
    12week-1/day clomid
    What else sould I take to keep my gains. It's very hard for me to keep gains. Should I get 25mg d-bol. Let me know guys.

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    I will spend a lot of time with you on this tomorrow but I can see why you find it hard to keep gains.

    personally I would not recommend the 25mg tabs, try and get the normal 5mg ones for better and more effective dosing regime.

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