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    Fina Is Different

    I'm kind of a crazy guy in general but man, fina didnt help. I'm 3 weeks into a prop/fina cycle (prop 125ml ED, fina 100ml ED) and it's a bit loopy. I've done plenty of cycles but this is the first with fina. It really does mess with me. I'm not complaining and am not going to stop, but man fina really is strong. My sleep is messed up, I talk all through the night (so mky girl says), and i really feel i am going crazy. Oh well, i'm swo ****ing strong and ripped already. I jjust feel like i'm living in a fog. It's great. I think i'm finally at that point where i am adanger to society. No more bar fights. Anyways, fina is by far the stongest substance i've evr done. Glad i tried it, but this may be the only time.

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    im the same way. first time i tried it i loved it so much that i wont do another cycle whether its bulking or cutting without fina. it is a great drug that produces great results.

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    fina does mess with ur sleep for sure, i really cannot sleep on it at all, and sweat like a pig all night, but like you said it is the ultimate juice imho i use it in about every cycle over last year best thing now is you can get acetate, hex, enanth 3 different esters of tren so no need for frequent injections if you dont want to, but personally i prefer out of all of them, the acetate


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    i cant wait for my next cycle. they say fina is the juice of the gods, from what you describe it certainly is

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    i love fina! but my skin doesnt love fina.

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    I have two different types of fina on their way to me, the original Negma Parabolan (and yes I'm sure its real) and some British Dragon trenbolone 10ml vials of 75mg/ml.
    My ignorant question is: Which ester are these and are they interchangeable?
    Thanks guys.

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