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Thread: i need some .02

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    i need some .02

    weight - 205 ( want to drop to 175 )
    working out - 4 + yrs
    diet - good eat behaviors
    hieght- 5'6
    age- 23

    ok i want to drop to 175 or 170 i have been stuck at 195 to 205.
    i have tried more carido but i was think of trying some CLENBUTEROL please let me know what to do or i'll take postive help thanks

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    maybe you can first do a search on clen - if all else fails. and theres an article on steroid .com homepage on losing weight too

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    clen is a good fat burner. however u need to do research before u mess with it. it can be pretty bad if u jump into it head first without knowing anyhting about it. try readin this and if u have any questions shoot me PM.

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    Celn might be a little overrated. I know it's nice and cheap but you're looking to loose serious weight not just "tone up." I am 23 also and 6"2 215 right now. So I am quite a bit taller, I'm sure you look pretty wide at 5"6 weighing that much but you'll look better at 175.

    My 2 Cents: Start reducing your calories tomorrow. Eat around 2000 and get some Protien shakes down (1 on the morning) Next grab some OTC weight loss drug like Hydroxycut or Trimspa and see if it works. In 3 weeks you'll be motivate to loose more pounds so then order some clenbuterol up, or just get more OTC supplements if you are loosing quickly. Start a workout plan and journal, write doen when you F up on your diet and in a week it will remind you not to do it again. Good luck man!

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    Diet and cardio...

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    Follow the cutting sticky in the diet forum.

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