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    Question Detection time for d-bol

    anyone know the exact detection time for d-bol? is it 3-4 weeks? 4-5 weeks?? Thanks!

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    obviously you haven't checked out :

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    Heh. Obviously you havent either because its not there. Neither is winny. I'm not really sure sweets but I wanna say its pretty small?

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    I coulda swore I read somewhere that DBOL was undetected after 72 hours.

    Not sure, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong.

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    Yeah thats what I was going to say! I did'nt see it in the detection times. Thanks guys. All i need to know is that it isint too long. I did'nt think it was, but if u get tested in future it is best to know. thanks!

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    isn't DBOL the acronym for Durabolin ? If so, then the detection times shows to be 11-12 i incorrect?

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    NO. D-bol is dianabol .

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    Okay, lets settle this one.

    First off the detection time is well below the 11-12 months as i have been tested twice this year and passed both times - and they were IOC accreditted tests.

    Dianabol , as far as I am aware is detectable for upto 5 weeks, well thats what i work by! It has a half life of between 2.5 and 4 hours. The problem here is that because we generally shove a lot of this stuff down our throat it stays detectable for a lot longer. After the period where the drug is no longer detectable we also have a period where your epitestosterone levels will not have quite recovered. This alone will result in an adverse finding in your urine sample and will lead to a ban or other wise. Just be carefull. If you look hard enough you will find information on this.

    I stopped my last cycle of dianabol in march and was tested at the beginning of July and passed no probs. I had also been taking winstrol (december last year last shot) and Test prop (last shot May!)

    Good luck and i hopr that helps.

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    I have always heard 3-5 weeks. Like anything there is no exact time and everyone is slightly different so I wouldn't take a test in 5 weeks and one day and feel safe.

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