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    winstrol at the end

    wazup gents I have gotten so much iformation on this site it is almost overwhelming. I have 100 dbol and getting some test e. my question is would it be productive to finish the last 5 weeks with winstrol and then pct.
    this is the cycle i was thinking of running
    1-4 25mb dbol
    1-10 250mg test e
    5-10 200mh winstrol
    nolva start to finish
    pct 10-12 days
    I am aroun 5'7" and about 155 iin my early 30"s with about 8-10% body fat. I would apreciate some recomendations. I was an amateur MMF and got hurt. I am normally about 10 lbs heavier. I want to put on size as well as some strength. tell me what you guys think of this cycle for me. Peace

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    bro run it lilke this
    1-4 30mg ed
    1-10 at least 300mg test E
    8-12 winny 50mg ed
    start pct the day after last shot of Winny

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    I would defly increase test.... 500mg

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