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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    Hey guys,
    This is my 3rd cycle and here are my stats:
    Im 6'1, 210lbs
    I m in week 3 of a dbol , Sust, Eq, and eventually winstrol cycle
    Im going to do 35mg of dbol weeks 1-4
    Sust @ 750mg weeks 1-8
    Eq @ 400 weeks 1-10
    and not really sure of the winstrol dosage. Id like to do it weeks 8-12. Maybe take 50mg EOD? Oh and also would it be ok to take clen half way through the cycle and a few weeks after?


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    run the winny 25mg ed instead of 50mg eod. more constant blood levels will help.

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    Up the eq to 600 (my personal opinion when dealing with eq)
    winny 50ed 7-12.
    Clen can go 2 week on 2 off during cycle
    Continue sus up to 10th week

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