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    Question Workout after cylce.?

    I was wondering if I should change my workout after my cylce? So I can prepare myself for the next one. I want to stack deca and a test..maybe fina for my next cylce. When I was on my cylce, I worked out and ate how this web page told me too. THanks bros

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    well obviously you arent going to be able to work out with as much weight or as intensely as you could while you were on your cycle. I would say work out as much as u can and try when u go down in weight to do it gradually. Dont overdue yourself or you will end up hurtin the shit out of yourself and not even be able to gain nethin the next time u cycle....also take enogh time off to let yer body get back to normal before the next cycle

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    I think post-cycle is an excellent time to change a workout. When you change your workout, you should go light for a few weeks anyway to get use to the exercises (even if you had done them before at some time in the past), and it's a good time to go light because your body can't recoup as well.

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