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    Have any of you guys ever hear of a feed additive for pigs called Paylean? I've seen alot of information on it and wondered what you guys think

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    LMAO, no but what does it do there buddy?

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    The following is the only thing I could find in Lay terms:

    Paylean is the trade name for ractopamine hydrochloride, a pharmaceutical that causes a hog's metabolism to shift nutrients from fat to muscle growth, reducing the amount of backfat on the carcass. It's a type of drug known as beta-agonist, manufactured by Elanco. It is not a steroid , antibiotic or biotechnology product.

    Purdue animal scientists Brian Richert and Allan Schinckel conducted the nation's first independent nutrient trials on Paylean. Their study found that during the last 90 pounds of liveweight gain before slaughter, Paylean increased fat-free lean growth an average of 34% for hogs fed a dosage of 20 parts per million and 23% for hogs fed 10 ppm. The increases in lean growth were consistent among different types of hogs weighing 220 to 280 pounds.

    You must use Paylean properly to see optimum results. The label recommends a minimum crude protein diet (0.8% lysine) of 16% when using the feed additive. But Richert says the lean accretion of today's pigs is 15 to 20% higher than when the product was tested. He says hog producers who use Paylean should adjust the amount of lysine on the basis of their herds' genetics.

    "Our research shows that the lean growth response to Paylean isn't constant over the entire 90-day feeding period," says Schinckel. "The response increases, reaches a plateau and then declines. If you feed Paylean too long, you can actually end up worse, with less muscle gain, than if you hadn't used it."

    Normally in phase feeding the protein content is lowered as hogs reach market weight. But with Paylean, you have to quickly raise the protein back up and then lower it again.

    Without the feed additive, hog farmers typically feed a finishing diet of 0.65% lysine for barrows and 0.8% for gilts. But with Paylean, the lysine content should be increased to 1 to 1.1% for barrows and 1.1 to 1.2% for gilts to get maximum benefits.

    "If you feed the Paylean with only a 16% crude protein diet, which is a standard early finishing diet,you'll only get 25 to 30% of the maximum Paylean response,"says Schinckel.

    Timing for adding the extra protein is important too. The Paylean response is the greatest and the predicted lysine response the highest in the second and third weeks.

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