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    Heres my summer cycle, good??

    My main goal here is to put on a good amount of muscle then towards the end of the cycle to shred up. heres my stats.

    170 lbs.
    12% bf
    bench about 330

    wk 1-6 100mg prop/eod
    wk 2-11 400mg equi/wk
    wk 7-12 50mg winny/ed
    wk 7-10 T3

    I'll be on some e/c/a and clens too. With that equi should i inject 200mg twice a week or just the 400mg once a week. I've heard that a constant blood level of the steroid is best, which would mean it would be best to inject it at least a few times weekly.

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    eq: 1-10
    test (longer ester): 1-10
    winny: 4-13
    clomid: 14-16
    clen /t3: 15....

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