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    Liquidex life and cycling

    I have a question


    We all know that the half-life of liquidex is 50 hours, so I was wondering if combining
    It everyday will eventually increase the day per day its dosage

    Ex: Monday 0.75mg, Tuesday at 0.50mg so meaning that at the end of the day on Tuesday the dosage will be at 1.25mg?

    My next cycle will be 10 weeks long plus the maintenance it will be at around 15weeks today, during my test and AS intake (10 weeks) I was playing to use .50liquidex a day.
    I will get 40mg, so that's mean 80 doses of .50, so I thought why not use the 10 other doses just in cases, so I came up with this idea.

    Week-1 Dosage Possible Total

    Monday: 0.75mg Total: 0.75mg
    Tuesday: 0.50mg Total: 1.25mg
    Wednesday: 0.50mg Total: 1.00mg
    Thursday: 0.75mg Total: 1.25mg
    Friday: 0.50mg Total: 1.50mg
    Saturday: 0.50mg Total: 1.00mg
    Sunday: 0.50mg Total: 1.00mg
    Monday: 0.75mg Total: 1.25mg
    Tuesday: 0.50mg Total: 1.25mg
    Wednesday: 0.50mg Total: 1.25mg
    Thursday: 0.75mg Total: 1.50mg
    Friday: 0.50mg Total: 1.50mg
    Saturday: 0.50mg Total: 1.50mg
    Sunday: 0.50mg Total: 1.50mg

    So if we use the fact that it remain for 50hours, and if I am right it will give me a constant
    +- 1.2mg of liquidex a day in my system for a 2 weeks period and it might even increase when the week goes on, because it stays high and it is refreshed even at a constant level (low).

    So if you folks can help me telling me if I am right or it is possible or I am totally out of context here.


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    Careful here Vandoo, you are mixing up the concepts of dosage and concentration of the drug in your system. They are related, but not equivalent!

    Dosage is the amount of a drug you take and the frequency that you take it. The dosage (amount and frequency) are related to how fast the drug is metabolized in your system--among other factors.
    The faster a drug is absorbed and the faster it is metabolized (it?s ?half-life? if you will) determine how often you have to administer a dosage.

    You take a certain dosage (amount/frequency) to maintain a steady concentration/level of the compound in your system. Usually, a doctor or some other expert will be the one who determines the appropriate dosage for you so that you will have the right concentration in your system. Most laymen never worry about concentration--that?s generally in the real of scientists or biochem geeks.

    For example--Sustanon is absorbed slowly via intramuscular injection and it has a long half-life, so weekly injects work fine to maintain the appropriate concentration of drug in your system. D-bol is absorbed quickly through the stomach and has a short half-life; you should take it in several small doses daily to maintain an steady concentration.

    So the question you should be asking is: what dosage of Liquidex should I take (amount + frequency) to achieve some end.

    The fact that Liquidex has a 50 hour half-life means that you don?t have to dose daily to maintain a fairly even level of the drug in your system. (Though daily dosing will probably keep the levels a tad more steady, but it might not be that significant...)

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