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    post test cyp. cyc.

    I just finished a 10 week cycle of Test Cyp (1ml per wk) and didnt see much change. I know that I didnt do enough from what I have been told. Both training right and juicing. I am looking for a workout partner or someone in the LA area who is willing to take the time to show someone like me how to do it right, the second time around. Alot of you have been where I am at so, please offer anything you can that you think would be helpful. Thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing all advise.

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    How old are you? How much did you use (200mg per cc?)? What did you eat? How often did you train?

    p.s. I just read your profile. 258 lbs. No, you did not do enough. Try 400-500mg per week. 300-450 grams of protein and 1 gallon of water per day and an additional gallon during your workouts, take multi vitimans so your can process your food better. Go to the Fitness Forum and get a routine. Add 300-400mg of Deca or Eq if you can find it.
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