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    when should I start the milk thistle and ala?

    I'm going to begin my first cyle soon:

    weeks 1-10 Sust 500mg week
    weeks 1-10 Eq 400mg week
    weeks 7-12 Winny 50mg ed
    weeks 12-14 Clomid

    I plan to take milk thistle and ALA also, but I'm not
    sure when to add them, and when to stop. Also,
    do I need to take them with meals, or does it matter?
    Should I spread the dosages out? Please advise!!!

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    Both are cheap, just take them the whole time. Half in the morning half at lunch time.

    I would definitely add some proscar(to protect against prostate cancer and hairloss) and some anti-e's to that cycle. I also don't think you need nearly that much shit for your first cycle to get great results. What are your goals man?

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    what kind of anti-estrogens do you recommend?

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    at those doses clomid will do juuuust fine. yep.
    oh, btw you really should have some nolvadex on hand at all times to.
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    Well what is recommended for Milk Thistle and ALA is to start a few week prior to your cycle and stay on a few weeks after your cycle.
    I take MT just about year round even when I am not on gear.
    Anti estes yup a plus, proviron , Nolv, armidex, etc.
    However, winny sometimes counter acts the esters so you might not need that much, but I would still have some on hand just in case.
    Good luck!

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