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    Information on Primobolan depot

    Hey Everyone,
    I'm thinking about taking a cycle of Primo. @200mg a week for 10 weeks. Will I make any noticeable gains, or I'm I just wasting my time? I picked Primo. because it has the least side effects of the group.

    Thank you very much for any help.

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    I would through some EQ in wit it, and do 300-400mg each week of primo. Your right about the low sides, but that comes with a high price tag

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    It will harden up your muscles if bf is low enough pick up some strength and around 5-10 pounds new muscle depending on diet and trainning.

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    Agree with Bryan2 on your probable results. I was doing a cycle with 150 mg to 200 mg per week of Primo Depot and the results were a 10 pound "swing":

    -I had roughly 5 pounds less bodyfat (the abs looked like a 6 pack) but 5 pounds more muscle
    -So I looked a lot more cut and defined although my bodyweight stayed about the same.

    Good Luck !

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