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    Lightbulb Amps

    How do u use ampules..I have got some sustanon 250 and I have never used the glass amps. ?

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    You're supposed to break the top from the bottom. There is a 'neck' where the glass is thinner. To do this, hold the bottom piece in one hand and then try to snap the top off with your other hand. Be careful, you can crush the glass in your fingers if you're not watching out. To prevent this, I've wrapped both the top and bottom in two small pieced of paper towel. Then if you happen to break one (usually the top) you wont drive the glass into your fingers.

    I've also heard of people using a fine file to help score the glass and make the break easy. I've not tried that one.

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    i take a steak knife...and work my way around the small part of the neck on the there is a visible white line where your digging in...then break off as he said in the last post...makes it easier..and less chance of it breaking and glass getting into the amp...


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    get a piece of tissue paper and hold the neck with it, snap and its off

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    score around the skinny part with a knife, and then get the top half of a ink pin .slide over the neck and snap it fast ,or you can order a amp opener . good luck ,i would use the pin.

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