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Thread: converting fina

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    converting fina

    how long does it take to change pellets into shots. i got 10 cart. of 10 pellets. also is this process challenging. i was planning on using a kit from animalkit, since i have read good things about it on this board. i just want to know what im in for. thanks fina boys.

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    whats up man, all kits should come with detailed directions, there is info on how to convert under then look at their "links" take a peek at the last link there. I can do everything in under an hour but you should fullel your fina through a filter over night. " The directions will show you how.) I'm on my seventh day so far with the fina.

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    The 10 gram kit takes about as much time as any other kit. Takes more time to sterile filter and to crush pills. Probably about 2 hours total. 1 hour of waiting for the pills to dissolve and for it to settle in the oil. PM me with questions. I just made my 3rd 10gram kit.

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