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    know ne1 whose thyroid got shut down by T3

    know ne1?

    what are some things to be careful bout

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    You'll get better response if you take the time to spell out the words so people can understand what you mean. (People are drawing a blank alredy--see above...)

    ne1 - anyone

    Maybe on chat rooms people dig g33k7 sp33k, but here we appreciate planin ol' English.

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    Never heard of anyone...i think its a rumor. maybe something that a medical journal said was a possibility, but Cycleon (who's a knowlegeable OLD fart and has been here forever) stated in his T3 analysis that he had never seen a medical report or study of anyone who this happened to. At this point, it is conjecture as far as I know.

    (just kidding Cyc!)

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    i dont have a thyroid due to thyroid cancer but wasnt cause of gear it was something i had for a awhile but Im making good recovery and if everything is fine and Im cancer free which I think Ill be I will start a cycle of deca and t-200 very soon

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    it is literally impossible to ruin your thyroid from overuse of t3, but you can ruin your muscles though. check out the fibromyalgia patient treatments. they have normal thyroids, but are put on t3 to help their muscle pain. the dosing is anywhere from 200mcg to 800mcg per day for up to 2-3 years! yes, it's t3, not t4 they're using. their thyroid will be temporarily shut down, but not permanently.

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    thanx guys, i was a lil concerend bout that

    i'm tappering it like cycleon suggested
    except its
    40% constant
    50% down

    he said down is the most important, so i will leave that at 50, and its my first time, so i wanted to adapt to it, so i'm doing 10% up

    the total time of the T3 will be 51 days

    i'm running a lot of other stuff...but this is wat was the most worriesome

    did u guys understand this? or should i repeat it in english?

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