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Thread: Sust Bloating

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    Sust Bloating

    When I come off my sust/deca cycle, will it be fairly easy for me to lose all the water I've retained, or is this another thing I'm going to have to work off? I'm just wondering if the bloating goes away on its own after AS use is discontinued as it does with creatine. Should I get arimidex before I start, or will nolvadex be enough to stave off the water retention of 250sust and 200deca per week?

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    im real lucky since i dont seem to hold that much water, but i always find that during my off cycle period that comes off all on its own!

    make sure you have your clomid for the end of the cycle. novladex i would only use if you really need it to counteract gyno.

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    I can't imagine you'll get any water retention with those dosages!

    And yes...the water goes away when you come off!

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    You won't need the nolvadex at those doses. The water comes off quickly at the end. If your planning to double those doses and get some big gains you can take 10 mg nolva every day with it if you don't want to look smooth. The nolvadex won't help you with water post cycle, all you need is some cardio; you can take some hydroxycut if you want too.

    Those are very light doses, I made the same mistake my first cycle. Doubling what you have would still be considered moderate. I wish that is what I would have done.

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    the water will leave as soon as estrogen (test) and progesterone (from deca ) levels go down in your body. this will happen naturally even if you don't take an anti-estrogen.

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