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    Question Injection Sites

    Once you begin a cycle, does your injection site change each time you shoot. you go from left glute to right glute, then back repeat or go all around left glute, right glute, left quad, right quad, left delt, right delt, ect. ..I usually just go back and forth on each cheek---is this wrong? what are the advatages of the other method mentioned, what are the disadvatages of my current method---besides i cant sit down for 10 weeks and have to tell everyone that I have hemroids---heheehe. thanks in advance all!

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    The general rule I use is one shot per week per site. So If you were doing a deca /sust cycle for example, you only need 2 shots per week and could rotate your right and left glute without hitting any other body parts. I prefer to use R-L glutes, R-L quads, R-L delts and repeat rotation. If your shooting something like test prop or tren and need to shoot, you could always go to and learn how to hit other areas (bis, tris, calves, lats, chest). I have done bis, tris and calves as well.

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    if you can go back and forth on each cheek then go for it. if you shoot often enough and the shots make you very sore then you may want to consider more injections sites.

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