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    Injections site

    I have been shooting about 2 cc's of deca in each shoulder for about 6 weeks and the past couple weeks it has been hurting more and more just getting the needle in and once it penetrates the skin it still hurt until im done. Is this just from goin in the same site and the skins and muscle are to sore and its a time to move on? I dont really want to go to glutes because i have 1 inch pins and my results are not as good and i hear alot of people complain about hitting nerves in their thighs.

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    2 cc's in each shoulder? how often per week? a 1" pin will work in the glutes if your b.f. isnt too high. more than likely you are correct, its from hammerin the same site too often, time to switch it up bro...........

    peace bb79

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    I agree, 1" is ok if that's all you have. The nerve is in the lower part of your cheek.

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    what size pins are you using? not any bigger than 22g i hope and preferably 25g or smaller. scar tissue can be a bitch, but i'm not sure if that's your prob or not.

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    Hit the thighs, you'll be fine.

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