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    whats the best oral abs for bulking but safe? and whats the best abs for cutting?

    if you had to choose what one oral abs is the best for bulking but safe? and what abs is best for cutting? i read dbol is the best oral for bulking but it is very toxic. what do you guys reccomend?

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    I love shooting ED, so I don't touch orals..

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    For bulking i like anadrol a lot better then d bol.

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    ABS = abodominals

    AAS = Anabolic /Androgenic Steroids

    after viewing your thread 4 times, I finally figued out what you meant.

    Diet is the key when it comes to cutting or bulking. YOu can turn any substance into a bulking or cutting AAS by how many cals you eat.

    Winny, PRimo, Anavar , GH, and Masterone would be my favs for cutting, as they dont aromatize into estrogen, which will cause a leaner appearance, and no fat deposits due to estrogen.

    But if you dont eat right, you can still bulk.

    Test, D-bol, EQ, Deca , and I guess anadrol would be better for bulking, but again diet is the key.

    I have taking test/d-bol/eq and dropped bf%, as I took arimidex and ate extremely clean.

    So it really comes down to you diet!

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