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    little help form the big guys?

    Hey I am waiting for some sustanon250 to get in butonce I get it Ill have 16 amps of sustanon , 10ml of Test 200, and some clomid for the end. I was wondering if there is any good way I can throw in the test 200 with the sustanon? How much do you think I will gain approx with both or just the sustanon. I weigh around 165 and im 5'8".

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    I would stick with the oneor the other and seeing as you dont have enough test200 for a cycle go with the sust 16 amps=2amps per week for 8 weeks 500mg per week if I was you I would get hold of eitehr some deca /equipose and use that at 400mg per week with the sust also dbol for weeks 1-4@40mg ed just some suggestions of course you could just go with sust 500mg per week for 8 weeks but I would go more like I have said above, there is no telling what you will gain to many factors to consider in the equation


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    i would guess at least 20lbs but it depends on genetics and how many times you took test before, what your recepters are like. and what your workouts are like and you diet.

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