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    t3 question with cycle

    ive been searching the board for a answer and cant find it soo im hopeing one of you guys could help me find the answer with it here it goes.... i want to shed some bf right now so i just came off a 400mg test enthenate 300mg deca and 40mged of dbol and i had great gains but now onto the cutting phase here is my plan

    400mg eq week 1-10
    50mg winni week 6-11
    200mg test cypinate week 1-10

    now question being how would i dose the t3 and clen into it i know a 2 week on and 2 week off with t3 but what point would u put the t3 into the cycle ?? ohh by the way im going to run arimidex to keep the water down from the test . im looking for suggestions? im 6'0 220lbs and about 12.5 % bf

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    i assume you meant 2 weekk for the clen ... as the t3 shouldn't be run like that. Is that what you meant?

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    Dude, as far as clen goes...start with one tab per day and add a tab per day until you reach a maximum of 6 or 7 (if you get too shaky at 4-5 tabs...stop there). But 6 or 7 should be your daily max. Stay at that level for the remainder of the 2 weeks. Then go on an ECA for 2 weeks, then back on clen for 2 weeks (start up again at 6-7 need to taper back up), ECA for 2 weeks, that cycle for the entire 10 weeks (2 weeks clen, 2 weeks ECA, 2 weeks clen, 2 weeks ECA, 2 weeks clen)

    As far as T3 is an excellent thread from CYCLEON. It should answer ALL of your questions...good luck man.

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