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Thread: amount of decca

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    Wink amount of decca

    amount of decca Guys,
    I had my supplier tell me yesterday that there was a fear of air contamination cocerning decca from over seas and that to be on the safe side i should take one full bottle within the next week and a half(2000mg) and not to worry that it would be dispursed over a 4 week interval. Is this lagitimate? then after that not to take any more for 2 solid weeks. Confusion please help. Am taking 400 mg. a week Saturday will be time for second shot.Stuff came in eye dropper bottles in order to gpc. My cycle is 400mg. decca for 10 weeks 25 mg dbol tab for fist 30 day 1/2 tab nolvadex weeks 2-6 nothing weeks 11-12 then clomid after final shot of decca. Decca is clear kinda yellowish looking,in clear eye dropper bottles came from overseas.
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    Let me get this right

    Take 2000mg in the next wk and a half
    And the body will dispearse of that over 4 weeks
    Don,t take anything for 2 weeks after the final injection of the 2000mg

    Give him some toilet paper to wipe his mouth cos he is talking shite.

    How are the vials contaminated by air ?IMO he,s trying to get you to buy some more gear but at the rate he,s telling you too inject this stuff you won,t ever need to cycle again!!

    What cycle are you on? Deca 400mg a week seems the norm are you a first time user?


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    I'm a little confused also. You said that the stuff (deca ?) came in eye dropper bottles? I've only ever heard of deca being packaged in vials (small bottle with rubber seals for drawing through a syrnge) or in amps (1ml/2ml etc...). Can you please describe what your gear looks like?

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    Mike Guest
    Tell him he's full of it - dont bother with him bro. He's gonna get you hurt

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    He want your cash and doesn't give a shite what happens to you.

    Do you own a bat?

    If so go hit him with it............if not buy a bat and hit him with it!


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    still on the test eh Big Al?

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