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    Hey guys/gals....

    I am looking to take a Clen cycle. I may be getting the Spiropent 20mcg tabs or the Ventolase tabs ( 20mcg ).

    I will be doing 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, as recommended by most........Starting with 1 tab a day, working my way up to 6, and staying at 6 tabs until day 14. Then I will take 2 weeks off, and take ECA on off weeks..........

    Now, once I come off ECA, and go back to clen, do I start with 1 tab again, or go right back to 6 tabs??? Also, when I am finishing, do I need to taper back down to 1 tab again?

    Ok now, for all you guys that have done CLEN cycle...How were results? Increase strenth? How much BF% reduction?

    Should I take it with Winny or EQ, or can I run it by itself?

    What do you recommend?

    6'2, 204 lbs, 16% BF.

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    alot of people progress upward to see what their bodys can handle
    ill tell you right now that the first 3 are going to be a waist,
    if i were to do a clen cycle i would start at 4 and try for 6,you may not even be able to handle 6.if you max out at 5 then after your eca start with 5 and stay at 5.if you max at 6 go with 6 after eca.

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    do just as 4 plates said. i only recommend that you don't take eca on the off weeks to let your beta-2 receptors recover.

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