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    Cutting While On Bulking Cycle

    I am about to start the following cycle:
    week 1-10: 400mg cyp/week
    week 1-10: 300mg deca /week
    week 1-4: 25 mg d-bol/day

    I do understand that this is a bulking cycle and I am looking to put on size (I am currently 5'8, 198 lbs @ 12%bf). However, I am looking to also (at least torward the end of the cycle), lose some of the fat in the gut and try to cut up the entire physique a bit.

    I am not planning on adding more gear, but what are other ways I could both grow and get a bit more lean with this cycle. Keep calories high, but carbs moderate (especially late night)? A lot of Cardio? Work in higher rep toning movements? Use fat burners? etc. With respects to fat burners, is it okay to take them at the same time as d-bol preworkout?

    Anyway, thanks for all the help already given to me (in designing the cycle, etc) and I look forward to hearing your input.


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    well once u stop dbol and see wat water retention u had, and after that wen u feel like u've gained enuf, start dieting, and keeping low cals, and add more cardio

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    You can use an ECA whilst bulking it will give increased energy during the workout.personally I would keep bulking and cutting seperate

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    either cut, or bulk bro. you cant do both at the same time and expect good results.

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