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    Smile Newbie Injection Question

    October 1st I am starting a Sustanon /Deca /D-Bol/HGH stack and i was wondering, is it ok for me to put the Deca and Sustanon in the same syringe? I have juiced before, but i have always used seperate syringes for the injections. I was wondering if that would be all right, or should i stick to seperate injections? Also, with the growth hormone injections, who could i consult on doing it properly or where on the internet can i find information on the correct way to take the HGH? Can anyone help? Thanks


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    No problem on mixing the deca and sust in one syrnge...both oil based. You're doing the same stack as Billy Boy and I will be running with the exception of HGH. How much experience do you have? The only reason I ask is because HGH is an advanced drug and from what I understand you should also look at insulin (even more advanced and dangerous) in order to get the full benefits. At least your asking the right questions. I'm sure Mike, eye_candy, and IG will be able to shed some light on this. Good Luck, be safe.

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    The Deca and Sust can go into the same syringe


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    IMO drop the HGH, if you don't have a pretty good idea how to use it from research then better to hold off, you'll get some great gains from Deca /Sus/D-Bol..........and some decent strengh!

    Its a lovelly cycle.


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