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    Question Orals, Question..Winny, Clen, Anavar

    You guys already know my stats, but for anyone new, I'm 6'2, 205lbs, 16% BF. Looking to CUT up...........Got a few things.....

    1) T3 - You guys say it should NOT be taken unless on gear, while others say it is often taken while on Clen ...You guys only recommend while on test....Why is this?

    2) Clen - Is it effective by itself? Can it be bridged with Winny/Anavar ????

    3) Winny - Good results by itself with 50mg Tabs? Or should that be stacked also with something else?

    4) Anavar - Same thing, if I get 10mg tabs, and take 4 a day, can that produce results alone?

    Need to know if Orals can be taken together, or if that is too hard on liver...I've also heard different stories on Orals and Effectiveness.

    SOMEONE please clarify this up for me!!! What would be the BEST ORAL cutting cycle? Clen alone? Anavar Alone? Winny Alone? Clen/Anavar? etc...........

    Thanx guys!

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    you better edit this post or you will probably be banned!

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    Re: Orals, Question..Winny, Clen, Anavar

    Dude....nice gesture, but even this is against the rules. PLEASE edit this and take out the last part of the post.

    Don't worry...I see Jason has already taken care of it.
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