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    Question Question on cycle... please help

    i'm starting my cycle can you help me to determin if this is a good way to do it?

    Week1=250mg Sustenon250
    Week2=250mg Sustenon250
    Week3=500mg Sustenon250
    Week4=500mg Sustenon250/3pills(a day) D-bol
    Week5=500mg Sustenon250/4pills(a day) D-bol
    Week6=250mg Sustenon250/5pills(a day) D-bol
    Week7=250mg Sustenon250/4pills(a day) D-bol
    Week8=3pills(a day) D-bol
    Week 9=1pill (a day) D-bol/Clomid 1 pill(first 6 day's)
    Week10=Clomid 2pills(7th,8th,9thday)
    Clomid 1 pill for the 10th, 11th, 12, 13 and 14th day.

    Is this good? How much weight would i put on about? and will the clomid prevent me from getting gyno? Please answer.

    thanks. Oh and my the way it's my second cylcle. First was only norandren 200 from brovel.

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    try this
    weeks 1-10 500mg sustanon250/ week
    weeks 1-4 25-30 mg d-bol day to jump start you cycle
    start clomid week 13

    there is no point in buliding up to 500mg and no point in tapering because sust is self tappering. no clomid does not prevent gyno, run some arimidex through out you cycle, .25mg day or .5mg eod.
    you could be able to gain about 20-25 pound on this cycle, but this is also effected by how hard you train and what your diet is like.
    good luck

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    I agree with Ibiza. Take your d-bol in the beginning of your cycle and clomid 3 weeks after your last shot. Make sure to have your Nolva on hand just in case or run Arimidex throughout your cycle.

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    dbol at the end won't be bad either.

    clomid will not prevent gyno.

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