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    muscle to fat ratio of loss while on T3

    does ne1 have ne detail or a good read on when u wud start loosing muscle and strength, as opposed to only fat on T3?

    or ne other info regarding this matter?

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    For me if I keep the t3 at no more than 100mcg/day at the peak...and take a minimum of 1000mg of test/week, and believe it or not I up my calories slightly too, then my muscle loss is almost none...I'm judging my muscle loss according to strength loss which is usually only a rep or two...however I'm not usually taking the test alone...there's usually some eq or deca or winnie in there somewhere.

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    i lose much more muscle than fat on t3, even at 25mcg. t3 just doesn't go well with my body

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    I run 200mcg when cutting with lots of gear, without gear you will waste away.

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