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    I was recently informed that I can get some Aratest 2500. I have read the profile and everything was just wondering if anyone out there has gave it a try and if so what there results were and how they liked it. What side effects did you have? and How did you cycle it. I just recently completed a cycle of Test 200 and was pleased with the results. I was looking to gain more strength and cut up more. Is Aratest worth the $90 I will be paying for a 10ml bottle.

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    it works the same for me as a single ester test, but is more expensive. i'd rather save the money and get test cyp or enanthate .

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    I agree with that, I don't like the blends. They cost more and don't maintain blood levels like single esters.

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    hey,just did my 4th shot of ara....squatted 215 the 1st week, then 295 my 2nd.....strength and pumps are going out the roof! I take one cc every 4 days... gonna' stack some deca next week the come off with 1st cycle! So far so good , no side affects yet! Although as with any test the shrinkage , hair and pimples, not to mention the bitch tits can happen..I paid $80 for the 10ml. bottle, the site is a little sore about a day and a half afterwards....keep me posted and I will too! Later!

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    200mgs enanthate , 50mgs prop per cc. you would need to inject 2 cc's every other day for the prop to do you any good bro. go with t200.

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    I just got a 10ml of Aratest but it also says on the top of the bottle that it is Macrotest has any one heard about this stuf and is it real of fake and if so what can i take it with to stack for best results?

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