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    Exclamation Customs

    Speaking hypothetically if you were to get gear from another country and it gets picked up by customs what is the worst that could happen to you? I've heard many conflicting stories from friends. Also has any of you got their gear picked up by customs? Please help.

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    if you get a letter - then u know that uv lost ur gear and u need to set up another addy for next time. If they make a controlled delivery, u are up the creek. all depends on what u ordered, how much of it, how small ur town is, etc. - thats why its alway sgood to take precautions and never get sloppy.

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    Originally posted by CYCLEON
    - thats why its alway sgood to take precautions and never get sloppy.

    nuff said......................

    peace bb79

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    how small your town is?? so cycleon, is it better to be in a small town??? or big city??

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    the bigger the city, the less police care about 100amps or 500 tabs

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    Cycleon, I wanna know your history

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