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    Question Eygpt: STERIODS LEGAL?!!!!!

    I was planning on going to Eygpt some time in December. and I wanted to know if it would be possible for me to grab a couple amps of Sust and Deca from any of the pharmacies there.

    I mean is the shit lelgal with out a prescription (ie. like in Mexcio)?
    If so does anyone outthere have any recomindations for pharmacies located in the Cario area?

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    Cairo, being the capital, you should be ok there in December. Yes steroids are legal and you dont need names you walk into the pharmacy and tell them what you need. Chemical name.


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    how do you plan on just walking out of the plane and not getting searched though? Im sure customs is very tight and will be for quite a while to come.

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    yeah - isnt the local price for nile sust like $.50 a pop?

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    Two quarters for an Amp? Oh now I am depressed... . I could have half my cycle for $10..... ....LOL At least I am not getting robbed like that Poor soon of a gun down in Keywest. You gotta feel for the guy..that sucks...I mean, If I'd never discovered these boards, I would have NO clue how much is TOO much. You guys are the best! ::I think I'm going to cry::....


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