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    Question Cycle Help

    Ok is what I've got.

    2 bottles of EQ 200mg/ml
    100 10mg d-bols
    200 10mg winstrol tabs

    I started taking the EQ this past week. My cycle plan is as follows

    Weeks 1-10 400mg EQ/week
    Weeks 7-12 50mg/day Winstrol tabs

    All I need to know is when I should take the d-bols and how many I should take a day. I was thinking of taking them with the EQ so it would help on water retention. Is this good? How many should i take? Thanks!

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    you should have started the dbols at the same time as the EQ.

    its starts working real quick and after about 4 weeks you stop taking it and by then the EQ will have kicked in.

    you should have done a bit more research before you started taking AS and.... you DID get clomid for after the cycle didnt you? please say you did!

    BTW EQ doesnt usually make you hold much water and dbol does

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    save the dbolls for your next bulk cycle man. running two 17aa steroids in the same cycle could cause some damage i believe. if youre looking for lean mass on this cycle your on now eq and winny should do it, although id up the dose to 600mg a week if only running eq.

    weeks 1-10 600 mg eq/week
    weeks 7-12 50 mg winny/ed
    clomid next day after your last winny tab

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    forget the dbol and add test! run the test alongside the eq and you'll see great results!

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    I agree with the doc. By the way, you'll need more eq. It says 20 ml, but you'll be short.

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