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    Thinkin bout goin natural fer little bit longer

    I am 165lbs-5'10-7%bf-21age

    I realy want to make weight (200lbs) fer wrestling next fall (6mounths away) and I am gona be gettin the gear here in short order and my plan was to do them as my spring cycle.....but I figure from my research that i could maby kill two birds with one stone maby a plus too.....I figure If i could wait and and possibily put on 30 to 35 lbs in bout 6 mounths
    naturaly "being young and all with good test runnin" that i could then start my cycle i would be better off cause i could get realy big if i started at 200lbs than 165lbs right??????????????????????????????????????

    feedback please

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    I would definately agree with that wannabebig. Go get em.

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    If you get to 200lbs and THEN do a cycle, you'll get HUGH!! By then you'll have a real good foundation to start with. Sounds like your doing everything right by waiting and learning.

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