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    chained to a squat rack

    just getting ready

    ok.. i am finally getting started. i've come into possession of some t400. about 10cc's of it. i can also get all the HCG i want.

    here's the deal:

    1. I'm already as tall as i want to be
    2. I need about 10 pounds to take with me to play college ball
    3. I am only 17 but have been training since i was 13 with good results
    4. lifts(250 bench-with huge wingspan)(430 squat)and i have never maxed on deadlift but i get 350 for 6reps)

    Here's my question: What harm will be caused from doing an 8 week cycle of t400? Also, if i were to go through with it, what would be the most productive way to cycle it for maximum retention of gains.
    Please don't get all emotional on my and give the whole speech on "your too young" as if you were my father
    Im not looking to take the easy way to bigness.My diet and training have been in place for 3 years and i have throughly researched.

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    i guess if u got it might as well do it:/ just play it self have your clomid post theraphy,novadex on hand for symptons,arimidex throughout cycle

    and also i think you have fairly researched your cycle and btw i read that t400 shots hurt so be ready

    good luck and wait until real experts answer u,im just a D00F

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    Dude, at 17 you will be doing yourself a disfavor, if you go ahead with the "juice". Not sure if I should give advice to someone that is going to hurt themselves with it...

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    D00fy you are in no position to give advice since you are just a kid yourself!!!

    Superdave, hight is not the point here. If eat right and train hard you'll put 10 lbs on without a prob. Take training seriously, as I am sure you are doing. You can do this naturally. You have 6 months till you start your college. Just looking out for you bro.

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    The problem is not your height. If you take the roids before you are finshed growing, not just tall but your bone structures also have to mature and finish forming, you can get damage on the end of your bones because of the growth plates closing prematurely causing you to be one hurting guy when you just a bit older. I'm sure that you don't want to take a chance on living in pain for the rest of your life because you bones did not develop enough and are damaged. Secondly, your body's own chemistry is still developing, there is a great chance that your nuts will not rebound after the cycle or that you will develop other life long sexual related problems. What if you are prone to male pattern baldness, do you want that when you're 18? What about impotence? What about prostrate cancer? Your call.

    You can find all of this information on your own. I don't have experience. Although I thought about roids at your age, I waited until I was 36. I wish I would have started around 25-30 though.

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    ^ Listen to Him.

    BTW - Is that your back Methuselah ? - Nice work.

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    it is a proven fact that androgens accelerate the rate that epiphyseal plates close. this not only will stop your growth (i know you don't care) but can also lead to unseen bone deformities that will cause you a lot of joint problems in the future.

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