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    anyone know

    hey i was wonder if anyone has ever heard of ANATEST.. i was reading something on the web today about a guy who took it and gained 40lbs in muscle mass in 30days but he was taking to much and didnt know it and almost died.. and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it and if by chance if taken right would it be a good muscle builder.. ... ..

    at this point i was thinking a trying D-bol to build my strenth up.. anyone got any suggestion on that area..(at the moment the fund are limited..) thats way im looking for a cheaper way to start... thanks for all the help.. any info would be great...

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    Anatest is I believe Testosterone Propionate at 100mg per cc... I do not know if the product is any good, or fake frequently??

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    VET prop, and I do mean VET, with a crapload of Benzyl in it to probably keep the crap from biodegrading.

    I think you are asking if test propionate is a good musclebuilder. Yes it is. And also good for cutting cycles. But DO NOT go with this formula, IMO.

    Opt for Ferring GB's Virormone in 2ml amps, total 100mg a "pop". Only brand I will use, personally.

    Brovel at 50mg/ml is ok, so I have heard.

    New Russian propio now available as well. No details to report yet.

    Testex Leo always reputable but only 25mg/ml at 1ml.

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    you do realize your to young to do AS right?

    I've read that story.. and Im not totaly sure I believe it, I think a lot people make BS stories for entertainment and post them there!

    besides that.. dbol only isn't recommended but CAN work if u take it long enough. keep in mind it is somewhat liver toxic, but there usualy isn't problems from what Ive heard.

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