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    question about nolvadex

    Is this actually a steroid or not? Meaning would it be illegal for me to bring it back across the border? I know that Clen can be used a steroid, but when you bring it across, you can simply lie and say it's for your asthma. Could I just say "it's an antiestrogen, and it helps prevent me from losing hair" to the border patrol guy? Anyone, anyone?

    Also, same thing with clomid.

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    They are not classed as AAS but are still meant to be a perscription drug


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    Mike Guest

    EVERYTHING you will ever want to know about tamoxifen

    those are it's uses - and as for people saying it's for asthma - though they may get away with it - it's not legal - the decision is yours - just remember they're not stupid - they see a lot of shit cross their and they know what is used for and with steroids

    good luck

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