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    To those who have converted fina with one of A's kits

    Okay, I converted 4000mg and am unsure as to the concentration and final ml content. I used all oil (A says 41ml of oil) and all the 4000mg of pellets. I am thinking I should have 50ml or so with 75mg/ml? I guess 41ml of oil + 4ml from the pellets (he says in his instructions) + 10ml of magic solution = 55ml total. HOWEVER, he doesn't subtract the white bottom layer (filler?), or the dark brown one (though I still have that left in mine). So, whatcha think? 55ml at 72mg/ml or maybe closer to 50ml at 75mg/ml? Any and all help appreciated of course.

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    I don't know how many ml you will end up with it is supposedly in the area of 50 ml @ 75mg/ml give or take a few mg.

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    You should have around 50ml at roughly 75-80mg/ml. It's all give or take though depending on how much tren was left behind if the filtering process...

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