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    im on propecia what roids can i take?

    can i take anavar ?... ganabol?... (along w/ nizoral and spiro)

    if i decided to take deca how long should i wait to take it after i stop the propecia??
    when can i get back on propecia after i stop the deca??

    i have a full head of hair and want to keep it
    but cant stop juicing

    did all the wrong cycles in the past years ago) but luckily still kept the hair..
    now want to do it right and not have to worry about it

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    if you have a full group of products like that to keep your hair, your fairly well prepard.

    propecia works mainly with testosterone , not as much with the other steroids . but that shampoo will help to with everything.

    im thinking 3-4 weeks after deca you can start propecia again.

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    i don't know much about hairloss, but i've heard from various places that deca makes hairloss worse if you're on propecia at the same time...

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    Im useing the finstride right now and I will continue to use it through all my cycles. It helps with the DHT in the prostate as well as in the scale, meaning LESS chance of prostate problems with light or heavy cycles. That is the main reason I take it, I would rather be bauld and have a prostate then the other way around.

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    I have been on deca , eq & test and propecia at the same time and i must say that when i introduced propecia into the mix, my hair loss was definitely reduced and now is dormant 100%. So if anyone knows of any studies done with deca and propecia and increased rate of hair loss, please let me know where i can find them, because frankly I think itís anecdotal evidence at itís best...MIKE_XXL

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    I've heard from a number of Medical doctors that Propecia only DELAYS the loss of your hair and that when you stop taking it, ALL the hair you would have lost starts falling out at a rapid pace to the point that you will be where you would have been had u not takin anything??? Is my doc BULLSHITTIN ME?

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