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    Question for Cycleon

    I recently read your post on "ketotifen" and had a question abouy its use with Clenbuterol . My understanding of the way clenbuterol works is that it attaches to your beta2 and 3 receptors. My question is if taking ketotifen during a cycle how could clenbuteriol possibly work since Ketotifen would constantly be cleaning these receptors, in other words, clenbuterol would not be able to attach itself to these receptors while on Ketotifen. I could see the benefits of Ketotifen being used on off weeks to clean theses receptors so that Clenbuterol would be more effectiive but during?Thanks.

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    to simplify:

    clen makes beta 2 receptors very "short" after repeated use, making it hard for more clen molecules to attach.

    ketotifen makes these receptors "longer", making it easier for clen to attach again.

    the proper dose of ketotifen for this to happen is about 10mg. 1mg is enough to put me in a very deep sleep for a very long time. 10mg may put me in the ER...

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