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    dnp dosage suggestions

    dear friends
    ı am about 280 pounds and thinking of using dnp (%13 bf)
    should ı increase dosage for my high body weight or 200 and 400 for me too
    by the way in what terms dnp is fatal
    thanks anyway

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    DNP is very dangerous, but if you research it and decide to go ahead with it (i am in the middle of a cycle of it).

    I would suggest doing the 200mg for the first 2 or 3 days, then bump it up to 400mg, but you just have to see how your body feels IMO

    Good luck, I will try to find the link to a good page about DNP use

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    terms fatal? DEATH, be careful bro... I am awaiting results from jackman and now ArkAlex before I take that path.

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    Start with 200mg for the first 2-4 days to see if you get an alergic reaction then you can bump up the dose. Keep in mind, thought, that the dosage will be steadily increasing for 14 days because of the 36hr halflife. You're a big guy, but I'd still stay in the 400-600mg range. Remember 400mg ed will build up to over a gram over time.

    I'm on DNP right now and in the first 2 days at 400mg I've already lost 8lbs. This is after a bulker, though, so it's due in part to just not eating so much.

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