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    finishing 2nd sycle of Test depot 200

    Since December 24th 2001, Ive been taking Testosterone Depot 200 strait up. At first, I was injecting 1cc every 7 days. Then followed with 1cc every 5 days. Now I am on 1 cc every 4 days. I have 2 shots left which are spaced off every six days. I can't get my hands on clomid. but would like to know where to go from here. my gaines have been noticed everywhere i go. Everyone says i look great. How can i keep my gaines with little or no side effects. I am considering to continue on to another cycle after a two week break. any advice????????????????????????

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    Bro, need clomid quick. Without clomid you'll loose most of your gain. If you only have 2 shots left, you better hurry.

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    get clomid NOW!

    if you still can't get it by the time you're done then go with tribulus, an otc pill.

    you should have had everything when your started...

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    changes are you r not gonna get clomid
    right away is always hard get stuff even sources
    from time to time face similar situations,
    just continue your cycle till you get clomid,
    unless you had reached your gained point....

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    You probablu shouldn't even start a cycle until you have the Clomid in hand--for future reference. If you don't wind up the cycle with Clomid you wil probablylose most of your gains. Plan in advance!

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